Penmanship and calligraphy projects include envelope design, name cards, menu titling and other event specific products.  In addition to celebrations, penmanship and calligraphy services are available for custom products and illustrations.  

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Illustrations + maps

"no one ever discovered anything new by drawing inside the lines"   -   Thomas Vasquez


Illustrations + Maps can be used as art, as informational materials and as graphics for your paper goods or business.  At Trumpeter, we don't claim to be Picasso or the next Renoir, but what we do know is that we can draw.  We love to draw maps and places.  We love to draw cartoon like graphics, of people, animals and nature.  If you are looking for realistic sketches of your loved ones, I would look somewhere else.  Our style is more playful than realistic.  Illustrations + Maps are billed at the hourly design rate of $40/hour.  Please contact Trumpeter for more information. 


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Custom Map,  Weekapaug Inn

Custom Map, Weekapaug Inn