Logos : the trumpeter process  ($500 flat rate)


Example project: Leadership at Play.  They're the best, see here:  http://leadershipatplay.com/



phase one:  how to find out what you want... 

whether you have a well-defined vision or just a few ideas bouncing around, it can be very helpful to walk through the branding questionnaire.  the questionnaire will ask you all sorts of questions, some that ask you to reflect on the identity of your company and others that just try to get a sense of what you like and what you don't like.  it's a great way to find a starting place when creating a brand-new logo.



phase two:  the runway...

based on your answers to the branding questionnaire, I will seek out some example logos - both from the local and national companies - which will help you start to get an idea of what styles and art elements you like.



phase three:  brain storming, draft 1

here comes the fun part!  after narrowing down our hopes and dreams for this logo, we get to try out a few options.  I will send over some unpolished layouts with different colors and fonts and art.  it's up for you to decide what works and what doesn't.


phase FOUR:  brain storming, DRAFT 2

time to dwindle down the options!  depending on what we liked and didn't like from phase three, we can try out more sophisticated details within similar designs.  usually this will look like 3 or 4 designs offered in 5 or so ways.



phase FIVE:  survival of the fittest (final touches!)

once we have a final design, we can get real nit-picky.  your design will be regurgitated in 20 different ways to experiment with font, color and size relations.  but only 1 can survive as your final logo...




PHASE six:  final product

phew! finally!  now we get to put that logo to use!  Included in the logo process is the following formats:

  • business card

  • logo files : color, b+w, large, small, +/- tagline

  • letter head




For an extra $50 each, you may also create:

  • specific marketing product

  • website banner

  • email signature

  • other